Dave Holland – Marketing & WordPress Consultant

Dave will show you how to transform your website from an expense into an asset that earns you money by generating new business 24 hours a day.

WordPress is the ideal web platform for SME’s looking for total control of their website. A WordPress site can do almost anything you may need it to do with the aid of a vast collection of functionality plugins & widgets.

Dave not only builds stunning WordPress websites, but also streamlines their often heavy coding to make them lightning fast to load, and improving their search engine compatibility.

The sad truth is that most websites fail to meet their owners expectations. My speciality is making websites work through increased sales conversion metrics, increased traffic flows and following on from that, increased online revenues.

Driving targeted traffic to a site is only one piece of the puzzle. If the site doesn’t perform, converting those website visitors into inquiries, leads and sales then much of the cost of lead acquisition is wasted. Optimized conversion will maximise the future capital return once traffic is scaled through multiple verticals.

I’ve been at the coal face of online marketing since 2001, delivering outstanding returns for hundreds of website owners.

Working hands-on as your marketing partner, Dave will get to know your business inside and out so that, in conjunction with his team, he can deliver the targeted results that you need and expect.

Making a website work requires;

Understanding your business allows Dave to effectively maximise your returns.