About Me

I first  began optimizing websites in early 2000 and quickly developed a skill set for positioning websites at the top of search across multiple platforms, Google, Yahoo and MSN (now rebranded as BING).

Success followed for the customers I worked with and news of my abilities soon spread.

With the continuous growth and evolvement of the web, I have added additional services as they have become relevant such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn management services.

I also manage Google Adwords PPC campaigns for clients, the vast majority of which waste a large portion of their monthly budgets by not understanding what they are doing. The biggest errors I see are clients choosing too many unfocused keywords which will eat your budget faster than a starving dog at dinner time. Failing to track which keywords actually convert into new business for you is another area where I can save my customers money.

I work with many clients on conversion optimization – making sure that the visitors to your website actually turn into customers for your business. Traffic is expensive, so the more use you can make of it the better.    

I also manage banner advertising campaigns that go hand in hand with optimisation to provide blanket coverage for your goods or services online.

All of these services tie in neatly with the web design and development work that I do. We build exciting websites that are designed to work for you, finding and converting visitors into paying clients for your business – all on autopilot.