Google Penguin 3 Update Threatens To Be A Game Changer

It’s the middle of October 2014 and Google is in the process of rolling ut it’s latest revised Penguin algorithm. Currently there is mixed opinion as to whether it is in fact a new algorithm (3.0) or a ‘refresh’ of the 2.1 which we should be calling 2.2…… your guess is as good as mine!

Google have stated that it could well be the first or second week of November before Penguin 2.2(3.0) completes its re-run. Affecting around 1% of English language sites.

Penguin filters websites from Googles SERPs results asked on back-link profile. The required quality and structure of a websites backlinks are increasingly influential in driving rankings and traffic. Google is continually working on developing their ability to rate the authority, influence and relevance of each link that points at your site pages.

Google hasn’t rerun it’s Penguin algo since the autumn of 2013 because the way it was structured didn’t lend itself to frequent updates.

The Penguin algorithm is the largest and most complex of the seven theoretical algo filters that Google use to create their results.

Rumour has it that the new version of the Penguin algo as been rewritten from the ground up so it can be easily run on a much more frequent basis. In turn, this mean’s that websites penalised by Penguin will stand a chance of redeeming themselves by cleaning up their site link structure. Currently it has been over 12 months since millions of sites suffered following the last Penguin update & many have yet to see any recovery in traffic.

Information is currently mixed regarding the level of update that has been carried out on Penguin, so its difficult to say for sure whether re-running it as it was will release sites that have improved their link profile in the past 12 months, or whether they have added more link ranking factors to the algo as well.

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