Pay Per Click Management

Google Adwords

Pay per click campaigns can easily become a great way to rip through a huge amount of money if you don’t know what you are doing.

Google love spending your money if you give them a chance to, and almost everything they suggest in their Ads set up process is designed to make your campaign consume as much cash as fast as possible.

The standard process is to make you add as many keywords as possible, using phrase or partial matching, so you appear for any search that is remotely related to your actual product or service.

The consequence of this, (because many users don’t study Ad content before they click) is that you will receive a high percentage of non or weak targeted traffic which will not convert for you.

How To Use Adwords Profitably

A basic rule of thumb with Google Pay Per Click is to target your prospects as tightly as possible.

If you start off with keyword research to establish your ideal high traffic keywords that will give you highly targeted traffic, you should then use these keywords as [exact match] keywords in your campaigns.

If you then use Ads that are as specific as possible for each group of keywords that are closely related, you will end up with a campaign with very little wasted spend.

Test & Measure Adwords

If you are not tracking your Google Ads performance then I can guarantee you will be wasting at least 50% of your spend.

Google allow you to track each click right through your site up to the point of a completed sale, which allows you to see exactly which keywords and Ads are producing your traffic and sales for you.

Once you have this information, you can cut out wasted spend (Ads and Keywords that don’t convert into customers for you) and concentrate your budget on the keywords that make you money.

We nominally save our clients over 40% on their Adwords costs, streamlining their campaigns and making their pay per click work & convert into cost effective customers.

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