Social Media

Social media channels including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest have become very important for website owners as an ever growing source of traffic, however many website owners fail to use them as well as they could do.

The key to driving traffic via your social channels is to make sure that the people you attract through social can get easily click through to your website so they can become paying customers.

Facebook is notoriously difficult to direct traffic from as they do their best to hide your contact details and don’t make it easy to customise your FB page with contact information.

Social media & Google

Google has started to include social media activity as a part of their SEO ranking metrics. It is reasonable to conclude that if lots of people ‘share’ your website content with their friends on their social profiles then your content is, in all probability of good quality and worthy of being included in Googles SERP’s listings.

This means that you should do your utmost to make your website content very easy to share, as well as encouraging your web visitors to share your content with their contacts.

Likes & Shares

Liking is not the same as sharing. While likes are a good thing, they don’t influence your Google rankings (although they do have a minor influence on how your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest page ranks in search).

When you like a Facebook page, a small percentage of your contacts will then see a reference to the FB page you liked. (FB used to show liked content to all your followers, but in an effort to monetize FB they reduced this to around 8 – 12%). If you want your post to reach all your contacts (and their contacts you now need to pay to boost the post).

The No. 1 way to leverage your marketing on Facebook without paying to boost your posts is to encourage your contacts to share your website page content with their friends.

There shares are then tracked by Google who like to see re-shares, whereby shares are re-shared by other FB users.

This is the key to viral growth and can have an incredible impact on not only your website traffic, but also on your Google search engine rankings.

Make Sharing Easy

Adding share buttons to your website pages is the easiest way to allow your website visitors to share your products and services with their contacts.

Once you have added share buttons, you should start sharing your website content yourself on your social media accounts.

Some of your friends and contacts will then share your shares and you will be on your way to growing your content shares.

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