Web Design

We work with websites built on most, if not all platforms, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc, but our design focus is using, optimizing and maximising the performance of WordPress websites.

WordPress is a very flexible platform that allows absolute control of your website content.

WordPress is a website platform that offers a basic framework that the rest of your website hangs from. WordPress has a library of thousands of different themes which can be added to your site to provide a different look, feel and appearance.

We then add functionality plugins to provide all the wizz bang functions and features that make your website look truly awesome.

WordPress is incredibly flexible, and you can make your site do just about anything you want to do with the addition of a suitable plugin.

We custom code many of the WordPress websites that we build, using a base theme which we then code to provide the look and design that you are looking for.

As a consequence, you end up with an awesome looking website, but retain the ability to quickly and easily add your own content, make edits and update your site yourself through WordPress’s easy to use WYSIWYG editor.

Over the years, many website owners have commented to us that because they update their website relatively infrequently, they struggle to remember how to use their editing portal.

WordPress is designed to be simple but powerful and it’s been our experience that in the vast majority of instances, our customers seldom need to contact us for a refresher course!

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