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Do Partygate & Beergate Matter?

The ongoing hullabaloo about who had a cake when or a beer with who is a ridiculous issue while other more pressing issues are ongoing not just at home, but internationally. But, and it is an important but, it does matter. When you reach the point in time when those that govern us create laws to control the population and then ignore those laws, questions must be asked.

Yes, I totally agree that the Government should be focused on the cost of living crisis, supply shortages, food and fuel, medicines etc.

I distinctly recall Boris stating that we ‘are all in this together’ at the beginning of the covid lockdown shenanigans. It turns out that we were not in it together. Very much the opposite.

I of course understand that in times of national crisis Government needs to continue, to be able to function. We all need it to do so. But, it increasingly looks like those that created restrictive laws to lock us in our homes didn’t consider the health risks to be a severe as they were telling us.

As a Government you can’t frighten millions of elderly and vulnerable people but carry on yourselves socialising behind what you believed were closed doors.

Sending out party invites which both Team Boris and Team Keith did for their respective parties is not the way to conduct yourselves.

I suspect that they have forgotten that we can see them. In much the same way that participants on reality TV shows forget the cameras are there, maybe our politicians have done the same?

All the major parties employ media and messaging teams to control the narrative and the ‘optics’. How could they get this so wrong?

Again, I suspect that they have just become increasingly disconnected from the public over time. Out of touch.


The issue isn’t that they both had parties when the law specifically prohibited doing so, it is actually that they didn’t think it was a bad idea.

The part we should be getting angry about, that we should be questioning is their collective poor judgement. Did no one point out how bad this would look to the general public? There must have been a voice somewhere saying how bad the parties were?

The frightening part of this whole sorry saga is that neither of our main parties have anyone blessed with even a minimal level of common sense or critical thinking.

I totally agree that as a nation we shouldn’t be focussed on seemingly trivial nonsense and political point scoring.

We as the public shouldn’t have been put in that position in the first place.

I don’t know if I just expect too much of public figures? Maybe we should congratulate and applaud the ones exercising self restraint for not viewing porn in the House of Commons? Maybe we are asking too much, expecting reasonable standards from our MPs?

In these interesting times it’s never been more important to stay connected with each other.

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The Reform Party Alternative

I won’t be so bold as to claim that No Reform Party MP would ever commit an indiscretion. Individuals are always individuals, but I haven’t met a single candidate who is standing in order to better themselves. We are standing for the benefit of the Country, the Public and our long term future.

We are not standing in order to get our noses in the trough. We are standing so we can kick the trough over. Being an MP shouldn’t be a career choice, it should be a vocation. An opportunity to give back to your Country, to use life learned skills for the betterment of the UK.

In conclusion, Partygate & Beergate don’t matter. What matters is what they represent. A disconnect between those that govern us and everyone else trying to mind their own business, get on and thrive.

Times are changing, the unelected second chamber no longer represents the people, politicians are increasingly self absorbed, out of touch and due to increased media exposure it is clear for all to see.



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