• Photo ID to Vote
  • Better Security for Postal Voting

Compulsory Voter ID

Voting in the UK has changed in the last decade or so. Our voter security hasn’t kept up with the increase in postal voting & it is causing problems.

Our right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. We have the right once every five years, (sometimes sooner) to choose who we want to run and manage all of the large ticket items that are needed in a civilised society.

Around the world there are Countries that don’t allow elections, more still that don’t run fair elections. Around the world there are people prepared to die for the fight to vote. A right that many in the UK take for granted & often, don’t even bother.

My view is that you have no right to moan about anything if you don’t take the time to vote. Only by voting do we validate the system.

How you vote is up to you, a secret, between you and the ballot box. Even if you don’t vote for me, it is more important that you vote than that you don’t.

In these interesting times it’s never been more important to stay connected with each other.

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Emily Davidson

We consider ourselves to be a centuries old, fair and stable democracy, an example to the world.

However, it was only back in 1913 that Emily Davidson threw herself in front of George V’s horse* at the Epsom Derby. That’s just 109 years ago. A blink of an eye in our great nations history. She was prepared to die, here, in the UK for the rights of women to vote in elections.

Five years later, the Representation of the People Act 1918 was passed, giving the right to vote to women over 30 years old ( if suitably qualified). The same act extended mens voting rights to all men over 21.

It wasn’t until the Equal Franchise Act in 1928 that all women over 21 were given the right to vote.

I’m 54. On the day I was born (which doesn’t feel like that long ago) women over 21 had had the right to vote for just 39 years! Hardly a centuries old democracy, more like a quite modern one.

You have the right to select your MP’s from the list of whoever chooses to stand in your constituency.

As our population has grown and cities have expanded it has become even more important to protect the integrity of our voting system from potential abuse.

I would introduce a photo ID voting system. In order to vote you would need to present your voting card (posted to your registered address) and also present your photo ID containing your address.

This ID for many of us will be a driving licence, a passport, etc.

For any registered voter who doesn’t have either of those, we will need to provide a free photo ID alternative. This system should not prevent anyone from being able to vote.


Postal Voting

During a by-election that I helped campaign for a few years ago, we saw first hand how postal voting can be abused. We heard from homeowners who received multiple postal voting packs delivered to their homes, and a few hours later, they received a knock on the door, followed by agressive demands for those postal ballots.

It turns out that ficticious voters were being registered to vote by post in random homes, selected I suspect as being unlikely to resist their demands when they came to collect.

It is frightening that such base practices can exist in a civilised society such as ours. In that same election, the volume of postal votes in each ward was controlled to keep them below the limit that triggered closed inspection and investigation.

I would limit postal voting to the immobile, military abroad, people out of the country, etc. Allowing anyone to choose to vote by post opens up the opportunity for election fraud and the manipulation of the result. All I want is fair elections.

The biggest weakness currently seems to be registering new voters in homes in the run up to an election. There is little scrutiny or checks that these people are real.


We all have a National Insurance number, maybe that should be used as your Voter ID?

When people have trust in the voting system, they will have more respect for the result maybe?

*George V’s horse was called Anmer incidentally.


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