Why Boris Johnson is Really Getting Challenged?

Politics is never straightforward. What you see rarely correlates with all the activity going on behind the scenes.

So why is Boris being challenged as leader of the Tories? The left have happily painted the current Tory Government as a right wing Government, but anyone right wing who actually voted for The Tory manifesto in 2019 sees the current Government as a left wing / green driven Government.

What we have been given is not what we voted for. We didn’t vote for net zero, ‘Build Back Better’, green policies etc.

While Boris has failed to deliver anything other than the most BRINO Brexit. No illegal immigration controls, quite the opposite in fact. Northern Ireland is a mess, our fishermen were lied to and let down, which has the knock on effect of further destroying our coastal communities. All our fishing ports, large and small could be vibrant hubs of trade, industry, investment and growth.

What if Boris is in place to fail to deliver a working Brexit? What if those vocal remainer nutters, Lord Adonis, Blair, etc. who have never accepted the result of the referendum and are funding a campaign to undermine progress in an effort to sway public opinion so that eventually we are cajoled into rejoining the cabal?

What if Parliament still contains a remainer bias that has never really gone away?

What if we, the public are being played? There is no doubt that the Tory party are cram full of mediocrity. Too easily frightened with regard to their own future prospects and keen to keep their noses in the trough.

Personally I would rather face Boris in two years at the ballot box than another leader. A new leader gives them the opportunity to reset, pursue some more conservative policies and regain the trust of their currently skeptical electorate.

What if the aim is to get Jeremy Hunt into No. 10? I couldn’t think of anything worse for the country. If the Tories lurch back to their remainer bias then in my opinion they will be doomed to failure at the next election.

Who knew that we would still be required to vote for Brexit 6 years after first doing so?

In these interesting times it’s never been more important to stay connected with each other.

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There is little doubt that Boris will survive the vote of no confidence this evening. But, going forward, depending on his level of support, the bigger question is how long he will cling on for?

He has the political skills and a thick enough skin to keep lumbering on for a few years, during which time, if he redeploys conservatism then maybe he will see a modest revival in his fortunes.

Currently politics is in a very odd place. The Tories are left wing, high tax, big government, handout providing, mass financial waste looking to control the population & create dependency.

Labour no longer represent the working man. No one really knows who or what they represent apart for the Islington elite. If you can’t define a Woman, you aren’t really fit to run a country. In my opinion.

Labour know that they can’t beat Boris at the ballot box. That is why there has been such a concerted effort to remove him from office. There is a section of the public that appear to like him regardless of his lack of conservatism.

In the same way that there is a sizeable section of society that will vote Tory regardless of how hopeless and weak their actions and policies.

If we have a leadership election then it won’t be long before we have a general election in order to establish the new leader in their own right. Having said that, I don’t think any new leader would go to the polls quickly because they wouldn’t be able to win a majority.

For my own prospects and those of my fellow Reform Party candidates we need time to build our voter base from scratch. We are making very good progress, but as a new party, we need more time to knock every door, talk to potential voters and make the progress needed to have an impact.

“If you never get the Government you want from the two party system, it becomes time to vote instead for what you believe in”

I have become convinced that it doesn’t matter what the Tories put in their manifesto, you will get what you are given come what may.

There are so many things that currently don’t make sense;

  • We are heading for a world food crisis but also offering UK farmers £1000 per acre per year on 20 year contracts to turn land over to solar panels. We could have planted all our set-aside land with spring wheat and spring barley to help make up the shortage… couldn’t we?
  • We are facing a gas shortage, are reliant of foreign gas supply but have recently destroyed our gas storage facilities and won’t drill our own UK gas fields.
  • We have been heading for an energy shortage for over a decade but have no energy plan to supply reliable energy other that more solar and wind power. Neither of which will ever provide a reliable source of electricity.
  • We throw our taxpayer money at the rest of the world while or pensions freeze and can’t afford to eat. We have a growing homeless problem, cost of living crisis, unaffordable fuel costs but, we throw £ billions at foreign governments, Ukraine etc. When will our Government put us first?
  • We have a health service that has been driven into the ground. Who would shut doctors surgeries during a health crisis?
  • We have an economy that can’t get back to making money because it is being constrained by civil servants working ‘just as efficiently’ from home. Security passes for airport workers, driving licences, passports, the list goes on of long backlogs that show no signs of being resolved. Maybe it is just a part of the plan to put us off air travel just in time for it to be banned in time to meet our net zero targets dreamt up by the marvelous Ms Teresa May.
  • Covid is done, so why are the Government advertising for a Covid Health Pass Director? We are being played.
  • Illegal immigration is increasing regardless of how much effort Ms Patel says she is putting into ‘stopping’ it.

Either all of this is happening because our Government truly are incompetent, or it is all happening on purpose?

If I Was Boris

If I was Boris Johnson and in two weeks time was expecting to lose two byelections very badly, maybe I would want to face a vote of no confidence beforehand. Maybe, I would even go as far as to engineer such a vote, confident of winning it and being unchallengeable for twelve months.

Maybe, if my primary aim was to survive, as it appears is the case in this instance, then, maybe this might be the best strategy to survive?

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