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We will be fighting the General Election in Mid Bedfordshire constituency in 2024. This is the perfect opportunity for the electorate to vote for positive politics instead of voting to keep your least preferred option out of office.

The Tories version of socialism isn't working for the people & more socialism from Labour is not the answer to our issues. Vote for common sense & a party that actually want to achieve their manifesto. We are not career politicians, we are real people, who want to work for you, normal, real people to deliver common sense & restore sanity & more importantly, to return power back into the hands of the British electorate.

Reform UK candidates are self funding our constituency campaigns. We pay for leaflets, Facebook adverts, promotional materials, fuel to travel across the constituency delivering leaflets and canvassing, everything in fact.

Every penny that we raise allows us to do more, to get the message out to more voters.

Personally I am restricted by what I can afford to commit to campaigning. We need to work together to deliver the result we need.

We have already built a solid base of support while fighting the Mid Bedfordshire by-election in October 2023. However, we have much more to do & we need your help to achieve it.

Together we can make a real difference to UK politics, to transform the UK for the better.

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Any amount however large or small will be very gratefully received and every penny will be spent on promotional materials, leaflets, social media marketing etc.

Many thanks in advance for your support

Dave Holland