Blackpool South by election Mark Butcher Reform UK

Blackpool South Constituency By Election The previous Blackpool south constituency MP Scott Benton lost the Tory whip in April 2023 before finally realising that he wouldn’t win a recall petition and resigned in March 2024. Another resignation following inappropriate behaviour, offering to lobby ministers in exchange for cash. Unfortunately he did so to reporters posing […]

Simon Danczuk Rochdale by election candidate

Rochdale By Election By-election Rochdale Constituency Simon Danczuk has been announced as the Reform UK candidate for the Rochdale by-election on February 29th 2024. Simon Danczuk was MP for Rochdale from 2010 to 2017 as a Labour MP. The legacy parties have ignored constituencies like Rochdale and taken them for granted, that has to end. […]


Rishi Sunak 6 Weeks to Save His Premiership January 25th – Rishi Sunak has been given just 6 weeks to turn the Tories fortunes around and save his premiership. Keep any eye on The Sunak Doomsday clock #6weekdoomclock Sit back and watch the last few weeks of the worst Prime Minister we’ve never elected.

Rupert Lowe Kingswood by election candidate

Kingswood By Election By-Election Kingswood Constituency Rupert Lowe, Reform UK Business and Agriculture Shadow Minister is our PPC (prospective Parliamentary Candidate) for the Kingswood By Election on February 15th 2024. Rupert will be an excellent MP for the constituents of Kingswood, which will only be a constituenccy until the general election later this year. There […]

Ben Habib Wellingborough by-election

Wellingborough By Election By Election: Wellingborough Constituency Ben Habib Deputy Leader of Reform UK is standing as the PPC for Wellingborough Constituency (will be the Wellingborough and Rushden Constituency following the by election). Ben will be a superb MP for the people of Wellingborough, representing their interests in Parliament. Many of the local issues in […]

Dave Holland Mid Bedfordshire

Mid Bedfordshire By-Election Latest By-Election News – October 5th 2023 The battle to win the Mid Bedfordshire By-Election is heating up as polling day, the 19th October 2023 draws ever closer. Campaign teams from all the major parties are out on the streets, leafleting, door knocking and spreading their messages. For our part at Reform […]

Dave Holland Reform UK Mid Bedfordshire by-election

Come & Meet Reform Party Leader Richard Tice On Saturday 22nd October 2022, 5pm at the Cross Keys in Pulloxhill, come and meet Richard Tice as well as me of course! 2 Course dinner followed by an update from me about how our campaigning is going in Mid Bedfordshire ahead of a probable by-election in […]

great reset banner small

Yes We Need A Great Reset … just not the one they have in mind for us. According to the World Economic Forum website, we will own nothing and be happy. I’m not sure about you, but being happy about that having nothing seems highly unlikely to me. Digital ID, social credit score, the automation […]

utilities banner small

Hose Pipe Bans are Imminent So here we are. We have to ration water and impose hosepipe bans for many years. This is because in the main we don’t have sufficient water storage facilities (reservoirs) to cope with the variations in the weather and keep the taps flowing. Our privatised water companies have however had […]

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