Wellingborough By Election

By Election: Wellingborough Constituency

Ben Habib Wellingborough by electionBen Habib Deputy Leader of Reform UK is standing as the PPC for Wellingborough Constituency (will be the Wellingborough and Rushden Constituency following the by election).

Ben will be a superb MP for the people of Wellingborough, representing their interests in Parliament. Many of the local issues in the Wellingborough by-election; low wages, unemployment, the cost of living, wasted public spending, low quality or inadequate public services, the NHS waiting list, a lack of GPs & Dentists all comes back to overarching national policy that isn’t working for normal, everyday, working people who are struggling to get by.

Ben Announces his candidacy at the press launch:


The standard of living for Wellingborough residents will not improve by tinkering around the edges with local policy. What is needed is root and branch reform of our national institutions, in how we reward work, in how we cut waste in the public sector and focus Government spending on the issues that make a material difference to hard working people.

It is time to get behind Ben and Reform UK, lend us your vote in the Wellingborough by-election and you will put down a marker ahead of the general election later this year that it is the people of the UK that are sovereign & that Parliament exists to carry out the manifesto that we vote for, the policies that we vote for, for the referendum results that we vote for.

Many people are disillusioned with politics, with politicians. Trust in politicians has never been lower than it is today. They are all considered to be the same, it in for themselves, rather than to represent the people of their constituency who elect them. It is the aim of Reform UK to put the power back in the hands of the people where it rightfully belongs.

Doing so will not be easy. We have many battles to fight before we can claim to have achieved that goal. We will have a battle with the civil service, with the judiciary, with the rest of Parliament, with the education system, with border force, with the many unelected and unwieldy quangos and Governmental bodies that influence of politics. But we will succeed, we have to succeed, if we are to save our beloved country from the rapid managed decline that is being inflicted upon it currently.

We can turn it around, all is not lost. Everything is fixable. We are standing to represented everyone who has lost their natural political home to the current trend of woke, globalism. Our country is being run for the benefit of multinational corporations rather than the people. I repeat, it is the people who are sovereign in the UK. Do not sit on the sidelines, you have a vote, use it and #BackBrexitBen for a better tomorrow.

Important Dates for Wellingborough By-election

26th January 2024 – 1st Postal Vote Dispatch

30th January 2024 – Last Date to Register to Vote

31st January 2024 – Last Date for Postal Applications

2nd February 2024 – 2nd Postal Vote Dispatch

9th February 2024 – First day to re-issue lost and spoilt postal votes

15th February 2024 – Election Day

15th February 2024 5pm – Last time for re-issue of lost and spoilt postals

15th February 2024 5pm – Deadline for Emergency Proxy applications

See more about Ben’s Campaign here: https://www.reformparty.uk/wellingborough-and-rushden-constituency

Twitter: @BackBrexitBen


wellingborough by election

Wellingborough By Election Reform UK

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