Battle of the Blob

There is a compelling school of thought that suggests that over the last few decades or more, our institutions; education, media, culture, civil service, police force, judiciary, civil service and government have been infiltrated by a section of the public who consider themselves to be our new elite class.

These people are members of the increasingly radical, progressive, liberal left. University educated since the 1980’s they are now in positions of authority and influence.

Imagine if you will Sir Humphrey on steroids. Our government has morphed to include hundreds of NGO’s and quangos all with their own remits and authority.

If you have ever asked yourself who makes the seemingly daft decisions such as parents not needing to be informed by their school if their child decides to identify as something other than their biological gender or, to let transvestites into schools to read inappropriate stories to young children, it is these left leaning, progressive liberal filled organisations that are pulling the strings.

No elected MP has decided on these things, they are decisions made outside of elected government. This is why we have so much crazy going on in the world.

On an almost daily basis news drops that the new name for paedophiles is ‘Minor Attracted People’ or MAPs for short. These people think that this is the publics main concern. It isn’t. What we call paedo’s is not the issue & while I am outraged by their attempts to normalise paedophilia, the issue is that we need to protect our children from paedo’s, all children, from all paedo’s.

So next time you hear a news item about convicts not being called convicts any more but ‘people with lived experience’… ask yourself who is dreaming this rubbish up…. there is someone feeding this constant stream of liberal nonsense to the press.

As a country we need to dismantle the Blob, the infiltration within the civil service, within education, within the media, culture, our police force, our judiciary, everywhere that they unduly negatively influence the effective implementation of government manifesto policy.

These people are changing our country in my opinion in a negative way. They are destroying childrens lives, ruining childhoods, and having a detrimental impact on society.

We have more crime the more liberal society becomes. People don’t feel safe walking the streets, in their homes.

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Civil servants are actively working to rejoin the EU, our government isn’t committed to implementing Brexit & instead are committed to keeping us aligned with EU laws, but our civil service are supposed to implement the policies of the current government, not actively work against them.

We are being played, manipulated. We will see a growing ‘nudge theory’ PR campaign attempting to move public opinion towards rejoining the EU. They will say that Brexit hasn’t worked. Well, of course it hasn’t, you haven’t implemented it yet.

We the people need to dismantle the Blob that is working against us in government and across wider public services. We cannot let them win this battle. Our freedom, our liberty, our country depends upon it.

If you want to know why we have so much immigration, it is because big business wants cheap imported labour. It is cheaper for them in the short term but, crucially more expensive for the country, it is unsustainable in the longer term.

An immigrant needs to earn £65k if they are to pay enough tax to cover the cost of the public services that they use. How many earn that much? And so we are currently printing £25 billion each month just to cover the huge deficit that we are running. All the time paying the highest taxes in 70+ years.

We are paying many millions to sit at home and do nothing. We don’t reward work. This has all been inflicted upon us by the Conservative government of the past 13 years. Agreed, much of the rot was put in place under Sir Tony, but the Tories haven’t fixed any of it, they are just as left wing, all a part of what has become the Uniparty.

It is time for change.

Dave Holland is the Reform Party PPC for the Mid Bedfordshire Constituency. All opinions on this website are personal opinions & views on different areas of policy & government. Dave supports Reform UK Party policy but is keen for potential supporters and voters to understand his personal views and opinions. For official Reform UK Party policy please visit:

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