My Beliefs

world health organisation pandemic treaty

WHO Pandemic Treaty A worldwide pandemic treaty sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? A global response to the next pandemic might just make sense, or does it? 194 countries are in the process of signing up to the World Health Organisation (WHO) pandemic treaty. This treaty, in the event of a future pandemic would […]

partygate & beergate banner small

Do Partygate & Beergate Matter? The ongoing hullabaloo about who had a cake when or a beer with who is a ridiculous issue while other more pressing issues are ongoing not just at home, but internationally. But, and it is an important but, it does matter. When you reach the point in time when those […]

reform judiciary, parole and sentencing banner sml

Reform of the Parole Board, Custodial Sentencing & Judicial Policy (and Social Services) Who hasn’t looked at recent decisions by our courts, Judiciary or Sentencing and wondered who came up with such unreasonable conclusions? Why is sentencing, and the parole process so out of touch with public opinion. Tracey Connolly is shortly to be released […]

we'll stop illegal immigration

Each illegal immigrant costs tax payers an average of £40,000 per year * We need to know who is coming into the UK We pay £ billions to support illegal immigrants while UK pensioners freeze Immigration Policy We currently have two immigration issues in the UK. Legal and illegal immigration. Legal immigration has been running […]

lower taxes for the lowest paid

High taxes prevent growth Printing money causes inflation National Insurance rise will hit lowest paid hardest Economic Policy ***Updated June 2022*** Following a press release on 13th June, please click here to read The Reform UK Economic Recovery Plan Our economy is under threat. We are currently subject to the highest taxes in peace time. […]

we'll be tough on law and order

No more kneeling, politicised police officers More, visible officers to target violent crime, robbery and burglary More, visible officers to target, drug dealers, gangs and knife crime Law & Order Policing Our law enforcement began its decline the day we ceased to have a Police Force & renamed it as a Police Service. In the […]

We'll be tough on Government waste

£37 Billion on Track & Trace App £3.5 Billion Written Off Bounce Back Loan Fraud £8.7 Billion Unused PPE Discarded Wasted Government Spending Needs To Stop Let’s get this clear, £1 Billion is 1000 x £1 Million. As a measurement of time, 1 million seconds = 12 days. 1 Billion seconds = 35 years! Be […]

see our self reliant energy plan

Cost of Living Crisis Energy Supply Crisis Lack of Planning & Infrastructure Investment Energy Policy ** 24th March 2022 Update – Following Rishi Sunaks Spring Statement, you will be delighted to hear that he has reduced fuel duty on petrol and diesel by 5p / ltr. This has had the effect of reducing pump prices […]

We'll cut waiting lists to zero within 2 years

Zero Waiting Lists Within Two Years 24hr GP Surgeries To Take Pressure Off A & E Restore Face To Face GP Appointments Healthcare We are constantly being reminded that our beloved NHS is the envy of the world. This is not the reality. We used to underfund our healthcare when compared with the systems used […]

we'll cut foreign aid to 0.35%

Cut Foreign Aid Budget to 0.35% GDP Deploy Manpower Instead of Money Stop Imposing our ‘Democracy’ on others Foreign Aid I would reduce our foreign aid budget. Currently 0.5% of GDP and soon to be increased back to its previous level of 0.7% GDP down to 0.35%. That’s £7 Billion a year down from £14 […]