If I vote ReformUK Won’t It Let labour In? I get asked about this quite a lot. In our two party system, which has been established for a long time, it is the common trope used to keep people voting for the right parties. Fear of the opposition is an easier sell than trying to […]

Am I Racist? Is The Reform Party Racist? No. Although it is often thrown at my colleagues and I, I don’t hate anyone, nor any race of people. There is a whole world of difference between being a racist and not wanting uncontrolled illegal immigration into the UK. We don’t think that people from anywhere […]

Are We a Far Right Party? No, our policies are a mixture of some Left, some Right and even some Liberal ideas. Our ethos is grounded in common sense. We are at heart a centre right party, but with common sense policies where applicable. Fundamentally we believe in a low tax, high growth, small Government […]

Why Should We Trust You? Politics has been mired in scandal and controversy for decades. It’s almost as if the adage that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is true. It is time (in our opinion) for reform of our Government. We shouldn’t face scandal after scandal. Our MP’s should be beyond reproach, not […]

Why Did I Change Political Affiliations? I have at heart always been a Tory. Mostly because I grew up in a Tory household, so those views were ingrained from an early age. That is what we did back then, we just went along with our parents core beliefs and maintained the status quo. Apart from […]