Yes We Need A Great Reset

… just not the one they have in mind for us.

According to the World Economic Forum website, we will own nothing and be happy. I’m not sure about you, but being happy about that having nothing seems highly unlikely to me.

Digital ID, social credit score, the automation from the fourth industrial revolution, population reduction, no private cars, no flying, no holidays, no beef or lamb, it sounds hideous.

Nothing Works in the UK

Yes, we need a reset. We need to reset;

Our Police Force to restart policing crime and criminals

Our Border Security – so we know who is here and who isn’t and have zero tolerance on paperless economic migrants receiving citizenship.

Our Energy Policy – so we are self sufficient in reliable, affordable secure energy.

Our Judiciary need to issue longer penalties and parole board needs to stop letting dangerous people out if they still present a danger to the public.

Our Education System needs to prepare our future generations for the life ahead so they can compete on the world stage.

Our Welfare System needs to be rest so it once again a safety net, not a lifestyle choice.

Our State Pensions need resetting so we invest individual NI contributions to provide larger pensions & stop requiring more young people to enter the workforce just to pay the pensions of an aging population.

Our Water Companies, so they can no longer pay shareholder dividends unless they drastically reduce leaks and stop pumping raw sewage into our waterways. We need to invest in reservoirs to provide for the population the Government have grown without sufficient infrastructure.

Our NHS needs to provide better clinical outcomes. We are mid table in terms of expenditure, but bottom for clinical outcomes.

Our Agriculture. We need to stop offering farmers payments to retire or convert farms to solar panels and focus on providing plentiful home grown food.

Our Social Care provision so we save for our old age care.

Our Freedom of Speech laws so that causing offence or anxiety is no longer considered an offence. You do not have the right not to be offended.

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This list will keep us busy for the first one or two terms in office. There is more to do beyond this list, including reform of the House of Lords, Halal Slaughter, Parliamentary standards, TV licence, Reform of the civil service etc.

The Great Reset as laid out by the WEF can only happen if we let it happen. Let’s not do that.

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