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    Mid Bedfordshire PPC (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate) for Reform UK on July 4th 2024
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Dave Holland – Mid Bedfordshire Constituency Reform UK PPC

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Reform UK Need Your Support

To everyone who contributed to our Mid Bedfordshire by-election campaign back in October, thank you for supporting our cause, for all your support, your donations, your time, your blisters, your aches and pains.

But now we reset and go again, campaigning in Mid Bedfordshire for the general election on July 4th 2024.

If you can spare a few pounds to contribute towards our leaflets, house boards, signage, marketing, social media ad campaigns and events then please use the link to do so, your contribution will be very much appreciated.

If you can help leafleting, doorknocking or manning our street stalls please get in touch and let me know.

We need everyone who cares about the future direction of this wonderful country to get involved and support our campaign.

Thank you in advance

Dave Holland


Mid Bedfordshire

Last October during the Mid Bedfordshire by election 25,000 disgruntled Conservative voters stayed at home and didn't vote. The first time in almost 100 years that the constituency changed hands. Labour didn't win the by-election, the Tories lost it by losing the trust of their previously loyal voters.

I do not expect those disillusioned exTories to vote Conservative on July the 4th. They will either stay at home again or switch to a different party. The Tories have destroyed their support base and have don't nothing to appease those voters.

If you stay at home and do not vote then you are supporting the status quo, nothing will change, just more of the same, blue socialist or red socialist. The same high tax, open border, large state, uncontrolled wasteful spending, increased national debt and further decline in all our standards of living.

Nothing changes until you, the electorate choose to change it. The two party system has run out of steam, there is no appetite for a Labour government, if Starmer does find his way to No. 10, he will do so because of Tory policy failure, the 14 year of failure to deliver anything of benefit (with the notable exception of getting Brexit legally done even if they have failed to capitalise on the many opportunities Brexit provided).

If you are a disillusioned ex Tory you have two choices; you can endure the continued failure , sit on your hands and abstain, or, you can make a strong statement, throw your support behind Reform UK and vote for an optimistic, positive future founded on centre right, traditional small c conservative principles.

Now is the time to send your message, together we will transform British politics for the better and put the power back in the hands of the people.


Are You Politically Homeless?

I put myself forwards as a candidate for Reform UK not because I have a hankering to be a politician, but because we, normal, real everyday people need to be represented, we need to restore common sense in parliament.

Nothing works. Our government is itself being governed by recalcitrant civil servants, bankers (the markets), globalists, non elected organisations such as the WEF & WHO, the Media, the EU, big business, lobbiests, the list goes on.

We as a country, as a people, need to decide who we want to govern the UK. Either the people elect our leaders to implement the manifesto they stood for election on or the factions listed above influence and manipulate our leaders regardless of the instructions of the people.

We have reached a point in time whereby lobbiests have too much influence over policy. Many of our institutions are working against our elected ministers; against the majority.



Border Control

Legal & Illegal Immigration

It is beyond time that we pulled up the drawbridge and stopped all immigration while we figure out how we are going to fund all our new arrivals, how we are going to house them, how we are going to educate them, keep them healthy, or alternatively encourage them to return back from whence they came.

Immigration is the biggest issue we face as a country, because it is the driver of so many other issues; the housing shortage, the NHS waiting list, GP shortages, oversubscribed schools, as well as the rapid cultural & societal change that we are witnessing across the UK.

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The Battle of the Blob image

The Battle of the Blob

Either our institutions have been infiltrated by the radical, progressive, liberal left, or our elected leaders are using the intransigence of civil servants as an excuse for not stopping the boats, or implementing Brexit or taking back control of our laws.

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The Battle for Brexit image 1

Why the Brexit Battle is far from over

The battle for Brexit isn't over. Brexiteers face a growing onslaught on multiple fronts; The media, education, culture, the civil service, Parliament, the current cabinet, the EU..... all obsessed with being controlled by a foreign power. None wanting Brexit to be implemented or the benefits seized upon.

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My name is Dave Holland and I have been selected as the Reform UK Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the Mid Bedfordshire constituency. I will be standing as the Reform UK Mid Bedfordshire Candidate in the General Election on July 4th 2024.

In 2016 the UK voted democratically to take back control of our Money, Laws and Borders. None of those things have happened. The only benefit we have gained so far is that our MP's are now totally accountable for what happens in the UK. They are responsible, and we can replace them for failing to follow the instructions of the electorate.

We are the only political party offering common sense solutions to the problems we face as a country.

  • Border Control - We are the only Party committed to stopping the boats & have a 6 point plan to do so. 1 in, 1 out for UK Immigration.
  • We are the only Party who support getting Brexit done properly - vital if the UK is to prosper, making policies & laws for the national, not international interest.
  • We will ditch EU laws & Deregulate.
  • We will bring Northern Ireland back into the United Kingdom & remove the border in the Irish Sea.
  • We are the only Party committed to scrapping ULEZ & its proposed expansion to towns and cities nationwide.
  • We are proud of being British, proud of our history, proud of our leading role in establishing human rights. We're anti-woke, anti WEF and in favour of retaining cash.
  • We know what a Woman is: An Adult Human Female
  • We have an affordable Net Zero strategy for affordable energy as we work towards a cleaner, greener planet.
  • We'll increase the tax threshold from £12,500 to £20,000, lifting over 5 million of the lowest paid out of paying tax at all, adding around £30 / week net to their pay.
  • We support our military and our veterans
  • I'm pledging that if elected that I will hold a minimum of 12 surgeries per year for the duration of my tenure, in different locations; coffee shops, cafes and pubs around Mid Bedfordshire & that I will respond to your emails and phone calls within 2 working days so that you know I have heard you and that I am working for you to get you a resolution as quickly as possible.

See Mid Bedfordshire Constituency for more information. Click www.ReformNation.Media for the latest Reform UK news

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Who Runs The Country?

You may think the UK is democratic but is it really? Do the people run the UK or is it one of the many lobbyist groups?

  1. Big Business?

    Big business & multinationals lobby for continued cheap imported labour because it is more cost effective for them in the short term. Meanwhile the country faces increased welfare costs and pressure on services.

    In the UK an individual needs to earn £55k to pay enough tax to self fund their public services (Approx £16k per year), the harsh truth, the reality is that everyone who earns less than that is drawing on taxpayers not contributing to a thriving society.

    Ultimately for the UK to thrive we need people to contribute more than they consume in public services. I am not being cruel or attempting to victimise or accuse anyone, but stating an economic fact. State spending currently accounts for almost 50% of GDP, in the 1980’s it was a little over 30%.

    We need to reduce our running costs by reducing the massive spending who have made a decision not to work. If you can receive £23k on welfare then you would need to earn £30k+ to be as well off and you wouldn’t have all day sat in front of your TV doing nothing.

    This needs to change. Basic economics says we can’t afford to finance the volume of work shy that we currently have.


  2. Civil Service

    Elements within the civil service appear to be openly defying the cabinet and preventing them from carrying out their mandated business.

    This situation can’t be allowed to continue. Our civil service needs to be non-political. It cannot be allowed to interfere with the business of an elected politician.

    If the civil service run the country our can influence our elected MPs then what is the point of having elections?

  3. Bankers / Markets

    In good years Bankers contribute significantly to the governments coffers. In the bad years we, the tax payers have to bail out the banks and bankers, none of whom seem to ever lose their jobs or be punished for their mismanagement of their business.

    Additionally, if your business, in this instance a bank is deemed too big to fail then you have a taxpayer funded guarantee against failure. If you are in the business of gambling on the stock market then what incentive do you have to be responsible?

    Bankers have the power to manipulate markets. As we saw with the brief Liz Truss premiership, bankers moved the markets against her, effectively forcing her replacement.

    Do we want bankers to choose our policy? I believe that our elected MPs should be free to set their policies and agenda. Bankers should have to trade within those policies. Additionally no bank should be considered too big to fail. It sends out the wrong message.

    In future, the state should cover personal losses in the event of a bank failure rather than guaranteeing a banks survival.

  4. The Blob

    The Blob is a collective name for the radical, progressive liberal left wing, who have in the last few decades infiltrated education, Parliament, the civil service, the police force, the judiciary and even the military.

    This has been a proactive campaign to get liberal progressives into positions of influence in order to manipulate our institutions. This process began back in the 1980’s within our education system. Our universities have changed. The ratio of left wing lecturers has increased since the 1970’s, bringing a left leaning culture into our education system.

    Graduates from the 1980’s are now well into their careers and in positions to influence the national curriculum within education, in high powered roles within the civil service & across the public sector.

    This demographic infiltration has reached a level whereby it can be clearly seen and is so pervasive and settled that there is less of a requirement to conceal their activities.

    This is what we are up against, this is why we have drag queens reading inappropriate stories to very young children. This is why we have a growing generation of anxious, scared young people who believe the world is about to end.


  5. Globalists

    There are two opposing forces battling for control of not just the UK but all western countries. You are either a globalist or a nationalist. Globalists believe in open borders, freedom of movement, dominant multinational businesses, too big to pay tax in the country they trade in.

    Globalists believe in one world government, unelected bodies shuch as the EU, WHO & WEF having influence and control over individual countries.

    Nationalists believe in national sovereignty, in having accountable MPs that cand be removed if they fail to deliver on the wishes of the electorate.

    On the one hand, I can understand the basic premis of having a world government made up of the leaders from all 195 countries. We are, whatever our nationality or ethnicity just a bunch of monkeys clinging to a rock, spinning through space. We are tribal by nature, whether that be by nationality, religion, ethnicity, etc.

    If we want all countries of the world to pull together in the same direction then maybe a world government is a step in that direction.

    Currently however, that isn’t where we are. We have only got as far as competing trading blocks, EU, BRICs, etc. Currently competing to be the biggest, most powerful trading entity. So bigger tribes, but far from unified.

    I suspect that we are a long way away from unity and harmony across the planet so one world governance may be some way off, regardless of what the pro globalist lobby may believe.


You have a choice; you can stand on the sidelines & moan about everything that is wrong with the Country & the dire state of current politics, or, you can get involved and help us to make the changes we all need....

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