Rochdale By Election

By-election Rochdale Constituency

Simon Danczuk Rochdale by election candidateSimon Danczuk has been announced as the Reform UK candidate for the Rochdale by-election on February 29th 2024. Simon Danczuk was MP for Rochdale from 2010 to 2017 as a Labour MP.

The legacy parties have ignored constituencies like Rochdale and taken them for granted, that has to end.

A Reform UK MP will stand up for the residents of Rochdale, fighting for better services, better funding, for the revitalising of our shopping centres, fighting grooming gangs, protecting all our children.

We have a lot of work to do to fix all the many issues that we currently face, but together it can be done.

Lend Simon Danczuk your vote on February 29th and you will be a part of the change the country is crying out for.

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If you are in dispair about out of control immigration, (both legal and illegal), the cost of living, unsustainable Net Zero targets that are costing us all a fortune to attempt to achieve, being ignored by government, tired of witnessing our government wasting £ billions, tired of NHS queues, tired of our defences being depleted, the closing of our critical national resources (steel, energy, manufacturing), if you feel any of these things then Reform UK is your home, vote Reform.

Rochdale By Election – Simon Danczuk Standing for Reform UK Feb 29th 2024

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