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  • No Benefits for at least first 5 years in UK
  • No Asylum Awarded to any Illegal Arrival

Why Rwanda Deportation Policy is a Smoke Screen

While we have legally left the EU, we have not yet divorced ourselves from its controlling institutions. If our Home Secretary can’t implement the laws she sees fit ( and that the people voted for ) because she is over ruled by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) then we are not a Sovereign country.

As one of the founder members of the ECHR, we signed up to all of its commitments. Many countries cherry picked only the elements they wanted, giving them more control over their own laws and legislation.

We had the crazy situation yesterday (14th June 2022) where UK courts declared the Rwanda deportation flight legal, only to be over ruled at the 11th hour by the ECHR meaning that the flight was cancelled. Embarrassing for the UK government to say the least & a good demonstration of the lack of progress made in delivering a form of Brexit that is acceptable to the British people.

As a country, in order to be able to govern ourselves, we need to leave the ECHR and the Migration pact. Currently, because of the migration pact anyone from any country can travel across the world and come to live in the UK. What happens when grain shortages hit Africa later this year? What if 100 million people leave Africa and want to settle in the UK? How are we going to stop them with current laws in place and dinghy chasing lefty lawyers signing them up for UK legal aid in Calais?

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What if THIS is the Plan?

What are the odds that our Conservative government don’t want to stop illegal immigration? What if this is just a part of the grand plan? On a day when 440 new illegals (that we know about) arrived by dinghy, we failed to remove a single one of them on the first Rwanda flight.

Surely, if you wanted this plane to leave then you would have let’s say 1000 illegals approved to be deported. Then, as each one is saved by a lefty do gooder lawyer, the Home Secretary could replace them with the next one. The legal system would not be able to defend them all, meaning that a full plane would leave on time.

Why were there only ever 130 scheduled to fly? Why was the plane not initially full? We have 40 – 50,000 migrants living in hotels costing us over £5 million per day. Could we really not fill one plane?

The Rwanda deportation deal is a smokescreen to kick the can down the road. Meanwhile thousands more illegal immigrants will arrive.

I suspect that 6 months before the next General Election, the Government will manage, miraculously to drastically reduce illegal immigration & in the process appease enough angry tory voters who will naively reelect them yet again. Shortly after they are reelected, the Government will once again lose control on illegal immigration and we will be back where we are once again.

I would like to think that people aren’t stupid enough to fall for something so obvious, but I suspect that they will fall for it hook, line and sinker.

In 2021 the UK issued 1 million new migrant visas. We don’t have the resources and services for the existing population, we are a small island with not enough hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, GP’s, Police, Houses, Schools, Teachers, or the money to pay for improving any of these things.

Less than 20% of Muslims work in the UK. (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/sep/07/islamophobia-holding-back-uk-muslims-in-workplace-study-finds) These are Government figures.

For a country to thrive, each one of us has to contribute what they can. We seem to be importing people who take more from the countries coffers than they contribute. I don’t think that this is an accident.

Maybe the dinghy arrivals are a simple distraction to stop us looking at the other much larger migration activities? Maybe we are being played by a Government that is determined to pursue a policy of multiculturalism whether we vote for it or not?

You may believe that stopping illegal migration is just populism, but I would say that allowing illegal migration is unpopulism, the British public don’t want it.

The Tories will not deter any people traffickers from launching dinghies in the channel. Few if any illegal migrants will ever be flown to Rwanda. The Rwanda deal included migrants coming from Rwanda too if you weren’t aware, so net migration will not be reduced or detered in any way.

Border Force (Farce) is not fit for purpose, the RNLI is not fit for purpose, even the Royal Navy is collecting illegal economic migrants from French waters and giving them a ride to the land of plenty.

I understand that these people want a better life for themselves, but if 100 million decide to have a better life for themselves where will that leave us? They get a better life, while we get a worse one & high taxes to fund their better life.

This invasion in causing a lot of unrest and concern. It cannot continue as it is.

The Tories are lying to the British public.

Under Labour we would have a free for all with no controls at all.

Only the Reform Party will implement real border controls.

Dave Holland is the Reform Party PPC for the Mid Bedfordshire Constituency. All opinions on this website www.dave-holland.co.uk are personal opinions & views on different areas of policy & government. Dave supports Reform UK Party policy but is keen for potential supporters and voters to understand his personal views and opinions. For official Reform UK Party policy please visit: https://www.reformparty.uk