• Reform the House of Lords
  • Elected via Proportional Representation
  • Accountable Second House

House of Lords

The House of Lords is not representative of the country. We need a second chamber that more accurately reflects the views of the nation in order to provide checks and balances for the House of Commons.

Lords are appointed by Prime Ministers & leaders of the opposition, who attempt to swing the balance in their favour so the Lords will vote through their policies.

We should abolish the Lords and replace it with an elected second chamber using Proportional Representation (PR) to create a house that represents the nation.


While there are many pro’s and con’s surrounding PR, it would at least where the House of Lords is concerned, create a representative house that truly reflects the nation.

Parliament needs a second house and the people need it to represent them rather than representing the House of Commons.

Lords are currently Lords for life meaning that when our Government changes we appoint more and more new Lords to change the balance of power within it.

Lords are appointed for services to the Government of the day. The last 23 Tory party treasurers have all gone onto the House of Lords. In may well be a coincidence, or it might be related to the fact that you can become the party treasurer if you are kind enough to ‘donate’ £3 million or more to the party.

Is this really how we want our Government to run in the 21st century? Should Knighthoods be used as a gift in exchange for political favours? While I accept that this practice is steeped in history, centuries old, we need to reform outdated practices.

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Our political houses need to be respected and beyond reproach. A democratic election process using PR would create a second house fit for purpose & accountable to the public.

Dave Holland is the Reform Party PPC for the Mid Bedfordshire Constituency. All opinions on this website www.dave-holland.co.uk are personal opinions & views on different areas of policy & government. Dave supports Reform UK Party policy but is keen for potential supporters and voters to understand his personal views and opinions. For official Reform UK Party policy please visit: https://www.reformparty.uk


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