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  • Each illegal immigrant costs tax payers an average of £40,000 per year *
  • We need to know who is coming into the UK
  • We pay £ billions to support illegal immigrants while UK pensioners freeze

Immigration Policy

We currently have two immigration issues in the UK. Legal and illegal immigration.

Legal immigration has been running at around 300,000 per year for in excess of a decade but doesn’t garner many headlines. It continues unchecked, tacitly accepted.

Illegal immigration is more newsworthy, at least on some News networks, though unfortunately not on all of them. We have a situation where Border Force and the RNLI are collecting illegal immigrants as they set sail from France & delivering them to Dover,  enabling them in their attempt to arrive in the promised land illegally and receive their freebies.


2021 saw record numbers of illegal immigration, that is, the illegal arrivals that we know about. There are undoubtly many more hidden in lorries, and landing on beaches across southern England unchecked.

Every single illegal immigrant according to UK Government figures cost UK tax payers £40,000 in their first year. While we pay billions, our pensioners have their triple lock cancelled & retirement age increased. We have homeless veterans living on our streets. Our priorities are all wrong.


We have a duty to look after our own citizens first and foremost. As long as we have pensioners who can’t afford to heat their own homes, we should not be accepting any immigrants. We clearly cannot afford to do so. (See below)

The cost of this net immigration is huge and illegal immigrants should not be granted asylum in the UK under any circumstances. This will act as a deterrent to future attempts to enter the UK illegally.

We have become a soft touch providing far too warm a welcome, hotel accommodation, food and spending money to all arrivals. It is an insane situation which we can’t afford, let alone sustain.

We also have no idea of who is coming to the UK, what their intentions are and whether they are a danger to the public or not.

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While the majority of immigrants are peaceful people looking for a better life, there is a small but important proportion of them who mean us harm and if we don’t know who they are, how are we ever going to keep the public safe.

Any growing economy with a low birth rate will need some immigration of the talents and skills we need to keep the economy on track, but this is very different to letting in anyone who wants to come in and plug themselves into our welfare system.

We need to close our borders and check who is coming into the UK. We need to stop providing generous welfare, homes, healthcare and support to illegal immigrants. Once we make it clear that they will not be given anything on arrival & that they will never be granted asylum, they won’t be so keen to make the journey.

Immigration Amnesty

Some sections of society are arguing for an amnesty for illegal immigrants (As Boris Johnson has previously done), but there are good reasons why that is not a good idea. As soon as we provide an amnesty for migrants that are already here, we send the message that future migrants will in turn receive an amnesty too. We would see an increase in illegal immigration.

* A recent Daily Mail article (read article here) states that each illegal immigrant granted asylum will on average cost the UK £1 million across their lifetime. On average in the UK 22% of our eligible working age population are economically inactive. The article claims that in the case of Somali, Bangladeshi, Pakistani & Iranian immigrants respectively is 81%, 56%, 55% and 48%.

For the long term prosperity of the UK we need to be tough on immigration. We already have too many in society receiving handouts, importing more is economic suicide.


Legal Immigration

In a growing economy we will always have sections of the economy that require more personnel than we have available in society. It is important that we focus future education on meeting those needs. To fill those positions and to allow the economy to continue to expand we need to be able to control the sourcing of those personnel and skillsets from abroard.

We need to do so while avoiding the wage deflation issues that EU membership and freedom of movement previously caused. The importation of personnel to reduce wages and increase profits is a short term practice that hasn’t done the UK any favours.

Dave Holland is the Reform Party PPC for the Mid Bedfordshire Constituency. All opinions on this website www.dave-holland.co.uk are personal opinions & views on different areas of policy & government. Dave supports Reform UK Party policy but is keen for potential supporters and voters to understand his personal views and opinions. For official Reform UK Party policy please visit: https://www.reformparty.uk


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