The Battle for Brexit

Be in no doubt, the chaos, the rows, the political splits and open warfare that we are currently witnessing within the Tory party between Sunak & Johnson all harks back to Brexit.

Large swathes of government, Parliament, the civil service, business, the media and many of our institutions have not accepted the democratic vote to leave the EU. There are strong forces working, plotting and maneuvering to keep us aligned with the EU legally & economically.

Meanwhile there is a massive “Brexit isn’t Working” campaign across social media and the press, blaming everything that is currently going wrong in the UK as being a direct consequence of Brexit.

Brexit hasn’t happened. Northern Ireland has been isolated from Great Britain with a border, our coastal towns are not being revived by the repatriation of our fishing licences and the associated industry that goes with them.

We are not diverging our tax policy away from the EU to create growth and opportunity.

We have not taken a lit match to the thousands of EU laws and legislation that is still in effect in the UK.

It looks as if our government doesn’t want the UK to thrive, to succeed outside of the confines of the EU. The EU certainly don’t want us to succeed, to show the people in other EU countries that the future outside is bright, prosperous, sovereign.

Our government it seems doesn’t want to be sovereign. They seem keen to sign away their sovereign power and authority. The most recent example is the WHO pandemic treaty which would cede governmental control in the event of another pandemic, which would be deemed as such by the WHO.

The only tangible benefit that the people of the UK have gained from the BRINO (Brexit In Name Only) is that our government is responsible to us, the electorate once again. They cannot pass the buck and blame their actions as an EU legal requirement. For me this is important.

The pro EU contingent have never understood that sovereignty trumps all for us leavers. We were prepared to take a small economic hit in the first few years and to have to join a different queue at the airport in exchange for accountability in government.

In these interesting times it’s never been more important to stay connected with each other.

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If your sovereign government fails you, you can replace them. For now at least, we are a sovereign democratic nation. Long may it be so.

We need a government that wants to embrace the benefits of Brexit, the benefits we have as an independent nation, freed from the shackles of an unelected failing federal EU project.

We should be diverging our tax rates, attracting growth, attracting investment, creating an environment where SME’s can thrive again, with economic growth creating new jobs.

Anything is possible if we embrace the opportunities that lie before us. We just need our government to decide to do so.

Dave Holland is the Reform Party PPC for the Mid Bedfordshire Constituency. All opinions on this website are personal opinions & views on different areas of policy & government. Dave supports Reform UK Party policy but is keen for potential supporters and voters to understand his personal views and opinions. For official Reform UK Party policy please visit:

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