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Rupert Lowe Kingswood by election candidateRupert Lowe, Reform UK Business and Agriculture Shadow Minister is our PPC (prospective Parliamentary Candidate) for the Kingswood By Election on February 15th 2024.

Rupert will be an excellent MP for the constituents of Kingswood, which will only be a constituenccy until the general election later this year.

There is an argument that having to have a by-election in a seat that won’t existby the end of the year is a waste of taxpayers money, and there is an argument to support that view, however, the people of Kingswood deserve to be represented in Parliament and there will be no better representation than Rupert Lowe.

Rupert has stated that if elected he will not take his MPs salary but instead donate the net proceeds to local Kingswood charities.

Kingswood face the same issues as so many constituencies in the UK; low wages, a significant decrease in the availability of public services, long waiting lists, high taxes and less and less spending in our infrastructure.

Kingswood constituents have faced a decline in their standard of living and we are as a country beyond being able to fix those issues by making a small tweak here and there. We need root and branch reform of our government spending, our public institutions, the attitudes and priorities of those in high public office.

Those who govern us seem t have lost sight of the reason they were elected to power.

Change is coming, more and more disillusioned voters have had enough. It is time to send the strongest message to those in power that change is coming, that there is another way, that you are fed up of politicians doing policy TO you instead of carrying our policy FOR you.

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