How Many Candidates Will We Be Standing At The Next Election?

Our aim is to stand a candidate in every constituency, so 650. We have announced the first batch of 60 already, me being one of those.

Currently (early 2022) we are anticipating that the next General Election will be held in spring 2024. The latest it could be held is December 2024, but Governments don’t favour winter elections, so we suspect that the current Government will do the best they can to fix the problems they have caused before the spring of 2024 and go to the Country then.

The second batch of several hundred will complete their assessment and selection process in February 2022 and will be announced shortly after that. We will continue this process during 2022 until every constituency has a Reform UK candidate.

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Additionally, we are aiming for 750 – 1000 local candidates for the local elections in May 2022. We are always looking for more candidates to stand locally so please apply here if you want to get involved

To be considered as a Reform UK candidate in the General Election please apply here

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