Am I Racist? Is The Reform Party Racist?

It is quite important not to confuse patriotism with racism.

No. Although it is often thrown at my colleagues and I, I don’t hate anyone, nor any race of people. There is a whole world of difference between being a racist and not wanting uncontrolled illegal immigration into the UK. We don’t think that people from anywhere in the world should be able to come to the UK without proper checks and balances in place.

Some sections of the media are quite happy to suggest that if you are anti illegal immigration you are a racist. This argument does a disservice to everyone. The ‘normalisation’ of this argument by labeling normal, everyday people as racists is an attempt to stop any argument against uncontrolled immigration. It is an attempt to silence the majority view as it happens.

In the same way as a Briton would need to qualify and pass certain criteria in order to move to America, Canada, or Australia, people from other countries should be required to do the same in order to move to the UK.

While we are a relatively wealthy country, we don’t have adequate resources to fund our current needs for Pensions, Healthcare, Social Care, etc. Every illegal immigrant that comes here adds additional pressure on our hard pressed services, lengthening waiting lists and for the most part increasing costs.

Currently we have cancelled the Pensions triple lock which would have given pensioners a few pounds a week more to help keep them warm through winter while at the same time paying almost £5 million per week to house & feed illegal immigrants in hotels. On average each illegal arrival costs the UK £40k in year one.

In these interesting times it’s never been more important to stay connected with each other.

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The argument that the UK makes money out of immigrants is distorted. If you take a basket of examples including doctors and nurses coming to the UK and count their tax paid then yes, those economic migrants do contribute to the UK economy (as well as providing great service to the NHS).

The problem is that if you look at immigration in the round and include all immigrants, then, the UK doesn’t benefit financially. See this article and the Daily Mail article referenced in it for numbers.

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