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Blackpool South Constituency By Election

The previous Blackpool south constituency MP Scott Benton lost the Tory whip in April 2023 before finally realising that he wouldn’t win a recall petition and resigned in March 2024. Another resignation following inappropriate behaviour, offering to lobby ministers in exchange for cash. Unfortunately he did so to reporters posing as investors, rendering his position untenable.

The Blackpool South by-election will be held on the 2nd May 2024 alongside local elections that are happening nationally.

Reform UK have chosen a local Blackpool homelessness campaigner, Mark Butcher as their Blackpool South candidate. Mark Butcher has a history of working with the homeless in Blackpool via the Amazing Graze Soup Kitchen he founded.

Mark has a long and distinguished history helping the local Blackpool community and is an excellent choice as the Reform UK candidate.

Blackpool South By Election

The Blackpool South by-election is an important one for Reform UK. We need to achieve the level of support that we have seen in recent polls, to demonstrate that we can harness real votes, not just polling.

Blackpool voted 67.5% leave in the 2016 EU referendum, making it a prime opportunity for Reform UK to demonstrate the level of support that they have in the town.

On the 2nd May, vote Mark Butcher.

The Tories will not win, voting Tory only endorses a failing party with potential further encumbency. A Tory vote is a wasted vote. If Tory voters get behind the genuine small c conservative policies of Reform UK, if leavers from both parties get behind Reform UK then we can send the strongest message to Westminster ahead of the general election.

Mark has a long history campaigning for and helping the homeless in Blackpool and is passionate about helping the town. There is much to do and Mark is the man for the challenge. Mark deserves to out perform both the Wellingborough and the Kingwood by-election results.

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