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Why Vote for Reform?

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1 Stopping the boats – 6 point plan

We have a six point plan designed not to deter people from coming, not to make it harder, not to dissuade them, not to be a deterrent, but to stop the boats within weeks.

a/ Declare a national emergency

b/ Leave the ECHR

c/ Confirm that zero illegals are resettled

d/ Create a new department of immigration

e/ Pick up boats & take back to France

f/ Set up offshore processing centres

The biggest difference between our approach to illegal immigration and the legacy parties is that Reform UK actually want to stop the boats. We aren’t willing to continue to allow cheap labour to flood the country just because multinational businesses want cheap labour.

We need to get our population back to work, being paid decent wages for a fair days work. It can be done, but the first step is to stop the boats.

2 Ditch EU laws and deregulate for the National, not the International interest

Our government and the opposition are still emotionally tied to the EU. We have the opportunity to deregulate and free our economy from the shackles that bind it. We could reduce VAT & corporation tax to boost our economy, support businesses and help to trade our way out of the mess we are in.

3 We will reunite the United Kingdom by bringing Northern Ireland back into the union and scrapping the border in the Irish Sea

Northern Ireland is the only territory in modern times to ever be ceded to a foreign power without a shot being fired. The EU and the Republic of Ireland both accept that Northern Ireland is a separate country, so by definition that acknowledge that there is a border between the two. The Good Friday Agreement does not state that there can’t be a border, it states that they can’t be a manned, military border. We could have an invisible trading border between to two and remove the border in the Irish Sea.

4 We’ll scrap ULEZ so it doesn’t expand to your towns and cities

ULEZ is a tax on the poor and lowest paid in society. If it stands in London it will spread across the nation affecting us all.

ULEZ exists to cut pollution, unless you pay £12.50 whereby you are free to pollute as much as you like.

I would rather TFL worked on reducing the asbestos and arsenic dust that is prevalent on the tube network as that would have a greater impact on the health of everyone.

5 We know what a woman is – an Adult Human Female

Labour and the Liberal Democrat leaders have struggled to say what a woman is. We don’t have that problem; we know that a woman is an adult human female.

We believe that everyone should be treated with fairness, equality and without prejudice.

That said, removing or reducing the rights of women in an effort to accommodate other sections of society isn’t a step forwards.

We need to protect existing women’s right to women only spaces, changing rooms, toilets, sports and prisons.

6 We’ll support our veterans and back our military

It is shameful that so many veterans end up homeless in the UK. Men and women who have risked their lives defending our country deserve better. We need to do much more to address the insufficient level of mental health care.

Our veterans fight for our freedom & our defence. They see and do things in the course of their service that most of us could not do and they deserve to be better supported.

An effective, capable military is essential for our future security, continually cutting our military capability to the bone is a short-sighted strategy. In an ideal world everyone would get on, but sadly we don’t live in an ideal world. We will maintain an effective military.

7 Common Sense Net Zero Strategy

We’ll implement a common sense, affordable net zero strategy to move towards a cleaner, greener planet while keeping the lights on, enabling industry and preventing granny from freezing in winter.

There are many holes in the government’s current net zero onslaught. We are making ourselves poorer and less competitive globally in the quest for the unachievable.

The only way the current 2030 net zero targets can be achieved would involve the majority of us giving up driving, flying and heating our homes. Renewable technology is years behind any possible likelihood of being able to deliver our energy needs and the cost of replacing 15 million gas boilers with expensive, inefficient heat pumps is unachievable. Additionally, our electricity network will need completely upgrading to handle the capacity demand.

Even more importantly, if you can’t store renewable energy then you can’t meet the supply demand as it happens. The battery cost to do so runs into £ trillions, if the lithium and cobalt was available to manufacture sufficient batteries, which they are not.

We are all for a cleaner, greener planet, but the current plan will drive our living standards back to the dark ages while failing to achieve the goal.

8 We are Proudly British

We’re proud of being British, proud of our history, proud that we established human rights and exported them around the world.

9 We’re anti woke, anti the progressive socialist agenda that has pervaded every area of our lives

Progressive socialism has infiltrated every section of government, the civil service, the police, our courts, education, banking, big business, the NHS, transport & the media.

Both the Tories and Labour are singing off the same hymn sheet, it doesn’t matter which of the two legacy parties you vote for, you will get more of the same. The Liberal Democrats are not a viable alternative either unless you want a government that believes that ‘most women don’t have a penis’.

We say enough is enough. We are traditionally a centre right country. Our aim is to restore the balance, reset our politics but we can only do so if it is the will of the people. It is up to you to exercise your democratic right and vote for common sense, vote for Reform UK.

10 We’re anti WEF, anti WHO, anti-influence by unelected lobbyists

We are against the influence of unelected lobby groups, think tanks and NGO’s impacting on government decisions, policy and the direction of our country.

We voted to leave the EU to regain democratic control from unelected EU bureaucrats and the one benefit that we have gained is that our government is now responsible for everything going wrong in the UK.

Our government don’t seem to want to run the country, they appear at least, to want to be steered by the WEF, to allow the WHO to control our response to any future pandemic.

11 We support the retention of cash

Cash is freedom. Without it we are less free, less secure. Banks are already questioning withdrawals, asking you what you intend to spend your money on. It is not their business. Banks are already measuring your carbon footprint on their banking apps.

The next step for them is to remove cash completely, and then to switch to the Central bank Digital Currency (CBDC). When connected to your social credit score and digital ID you will be living in a digital prison. You will have spending limits on different products, foods, energy, travel. You will not be free to buy what you want, to travel where you want, to visit whoever you want, to eat what you want.

I was born a free man in a free country; I am standing because I intend to continue to do so.

12 Cost of Living

We’ll increase the basic rate tax threshold from £12,500 to £20,000, putting on average £30 per week back into the pockets of the lowest paid, helping them with the current cost of living crisis. Additionally, we will cut green taxes on our energy bills & cut fuel duty to reduce transport costs, reduce inflation and let you keep more of your money, to do with as you choose.

13 I pledge that if elected as your MP in Mid Bedfordshire that I will deliver the following minimum service level:

a/ I will hold a minimum of 12 surgeries across Mid Bedfordshire at different location so that I am accessible to everyone.

b/ I will respond to all phone calls received within 2 working days

c/ I will respond to all emails received within 2 working days.

Here in Mid Bedfordshire, we are used to a less than adequate level of access to our MP, I am to change that. If there is demand for more surgeries then I will hold them. A two-day response to emails and phone calls will give me the opportunity to come back to you with a solution to your issue, or to provide you with the information you require.

If your issue can’t be addressed quickly then you will know that I am working on it for you and I will of course keep you updated with progress.

Currently there is no obligation for an MP to do anything for their electorate once elected. I believe that is unsatisfactory. What I am pledging is what I consider to be basic good business practice & you never know; it might become the standard for all MPs.


Dave Holland is the Reform Party PPC for the Mid Bedfordshire Constituency. All opinions on this website www.dave-holland.co.uk are personal opinions & views on different areas of policy & government. Dave supports Reform UK Party policy but is keen for potential supporters and voters to understand his personal views and opinions. For official Reform UK Party policy please visit: https://www.reformparty.uk

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