Mid Bedfordshire By-Election

Latest By-Election News – October 5th 2023

The battle to win the Mid Bedfordshire By-Election is heating up as polling day, the 19th October 2023 draws ever closer.

Campaign teams from all the major parties are out on the streets, leafleting, door knocking and spreading their messages.

For our part at Reform HQ we are working incredibly hard trying to get around the whole constituency ahead of the election which is just 14 days away.

We have already knocked on 30,000 doors and spoken to many thousands of people. The story we are hearing time and time again is how disappointed so many people are with the current government and they don’t seem to be much more impressed with the opposition either.

It is quite rare to see everything going wrong across all areas of government at the same time, but there is nothing at present that could be described as going well.

Many potential voters that we have spoken to across Mid Bedfordshire are still angry at the lack of representation that they were forced to endure during Ms Dorries tenure.

I have made a pledge that if I am elected as your Mid Bedfordshire MP that I will do the following:

  1. I will hold a MINIMUM of 12 surgeries per year across the Mid Beds constituency in different locations so I am accessible to all. I will hold as many as are required to meet demand, but a minimum of 12 per year.
  2. I will respond to all phone calls within 2 working days so you know that I am aware of your issue & am working on a solution for you.
  3. I will respond to all emails within 2 working days so that you know I have received your communication & again that I am working on a solution for you.

These are 3 measurables that you can measure me against. Some may say that this is not a massive pledge, but it is a minimum service level agreement between you the voter and your prospective MP.

I consider this pledge to be basic business practice, it isn’t an onerous promise that is undeliverable, but basic good business practice.

We have had years of unanswered phones, ignored emails and an absent MP. As a local who was born in Ampthill and lived in Flitwick & Haynes West End, I’ve now lived in Shillington since 2012.

Mid Bedfordshire by-election

The day after the Mid Bedfordshire By-Election the electoral boundaries will change. This will remove everywhere east of Meppershall from Mid Bedfordshire constituency into the newly formed Hitchin Constituency. This means that any candidates living there (there are two), if elected, will no longer be resident in their own constituency.

As a voter I believe that it is important to have a local person as your parliamentary representative. Someone who is connected to the constituency, who has a loyalty to the Mid Beds constituency. I am that man.

The Mid Bedfordshire by-election has been rumbling on for much longer than most by-elections. Due to the unique way that Nadine Dorries resigned without resigning back at the start of June campaigners from all parties have been pounding the streets for many months.

From our data gathered as we canvass, it looks like it is going to be a very close contest. No party appears to have the upper hand which is why the main contenders are all working so hard to canvass as many people as possible.

Here at Reform UK, we are seeing very positive data coming back to us and we are confident that the Mid Beds By-Election will be our best result in a by-election so far, by far.

This By-Election Is An Opportunity To Send A Message To Parliament

I have met many thousands of disillusioned Tory voters, many of whom can’t bring themselves to vote for a Conservative party that is no longer conservative. They do not want to reward Tory incompetence with further incumbency.

I understand their plight. This by-election is free election. The government isn’t going to change because of the result. Because of this, it is one of the few opportunities that we have to vote positively for what we want, instead of how voting has historically worked in a two party system where we are all more used to voting against the party that we want the least.

So, forget about voting to prevent one party or another from winning and instead, vote with your heart for the policies that most align with your views. Vote for a positive future, vote for secure borders, vote for affordable energy, vote for more money in the pockets of the lowest paid, vote for cheaper petrol and diesel, vote for law and order.

Reform UK are not a traditional Right or Left wing party. Regardless of how we may be painted by some sections of the main strean media, we have common sense polices from across the spectrum. We are determined to reintroduce common sense back into government.

It has been a long time since our government carried out policy for us. These days it seems to carry out policy to us. We intend to reverse this trend and implement our manifesto in the interest of you, the people.


Your future loyal public servant

Dave Holland

Reform UK Candidate for the Mid Bedfordshire By-Election

Dave Holland is the Reform Party PPC for the Mid Bedfordshire Constituency. All opinions on this website www.dave-holland.co.uk are personal opinions & views on different areas of policy & government. Dave supports Reform UK Party policy but is keen for potential supporters and voters to understand his personal views and opinions. For official Reform UK Party policy please visit: https://www.reformparty.uk

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