• Dave Holland Reform UK Mid Bedfordshire by-election

Dave Holland Reform Party UK Mid Bedfordshire Spokesman

Dave Holland – Reform UK Constituency Spokesperson for Mid Bedfordshire

Only Reform UK will….

  • Actually stop the boats
  • Actually control our borders
  • Leave the ECHR
  • Embrace the opportunities of Brexit
  • Help with the cost of living crisis, creating growth in the process

We are the only party offering common sense solutions to the problems we face as a country.

  • Low Tax
  • Higher Growth
  • Smaller government
  • Zero NHS Waiting lists (Costed)
  • Real Cost of Living Solution (Costed)
  • Border Control – We are the only political party that want to stop the boats in the channel & will actually do so.


My name is Dave Holland and I have been selected as the Reform UK Spokesperson for the Mid Bedfordshire constituency. I will be standing as your Reform Party candidate at the next General Election.

My aim as the spokesperson for a young party with big ideas is to introduce myself to as many constituents across Mid Bedfordshire as possible before the next General Election, expected in 2024 if the wheels don’t come of the Tory charabanc before then.

At Reform UK we believe that we have a comprehensive set of common sense policies that will appeal to a broad cross section of our disillusioned electorate.

This website contains my personal opinions & views, not official Reform Party policy. To see Official Reform UK Party policy, please visit Reform UK Party

We hope to appeal to disillusioned voters, fed up with broken promises, high taxes and being taken for granted by successive Governments that seems to put everyone else ahead of you. The Tories have been in Government for 12 years, in all likelihood they will have been in power for 14 years at the time of the next General Election.

  • If you can’t improve peoples lives in 14 years, how long do you need?
  • If you can’t make our public services work better after almost a decade and a half, then maybe you are never going to?
  • Tory voters want a Conservative government, it is tragic that the Conservative party have lurched to the left & no longer represent them.
  • If you thought austerity a decade ago was difficult, I suspect that you haven’t seen anything yet. This government is going to destroy peoples lives.
  • High Tax, Low Growth & the drive to Net Zero at any cost will continue as long as the Tories are in Government – it won’t improve under Labour either.

This is me

Most politicians won’t tell you their personal opinions about the main issues of the day. I think this is wrong. I take the view that you should know where your potential MP stands on the biggest issues. Most politicians keep their personal views to themselves so you can’t disagree with them.

I don’t expect you to agree with 100% of my views, it would be quite odd if we all agreed on everything, but, you will know where I stand & I am always available to debate any issues where you think I am wrong and want to try to change my mind.

I wouldn’t want to lose any potential voters because of one specific view, but I am prepared to do just that, so that you actually get to know me and the issues that matter to me.

Are you are fed up with self serving ministers feathering their own nests and following a policy agenda that bears little resemblance to the manifesto they were elected on:

  • Soaring Cost of Living & no plan to fix the problem
  • We have a fishing fleet that has been sacrificed
  • Cross channel illegal immigration running wild
  • Additional immigration (which never gets much press) running in the 100,000’s
  • Green net zero agenda & massive taxes to pay for it
  • Insufficient UK power generation to keep the lights on affordably
  • Northern Ireland separated by a customs border
  • 10% National Insurance Increase to fund Care Sector (But diverted into NHS Blackhole)
  • Broken Triple Lock for Pensioners (temporarily restored, but for how long?)
  • Double Standards for ‘them & us’ Government & ‘Partygate’
  • Introduction of Medical Apartheid and coersion for vaccine take up
  • Back scratching contracts and PPE deals
  • Titles and peerages in exchange for cash and favours
  • Government waste is frightening, £37Billion on track and trace App? That’s £37,000 Million?*
  • MP’s get a pay rise while the cost of living just keeps going up for the rest of us
  • MP’s charging us for heating their second homes on their expenses

The list goes on and on. There is a sence of unease and dissatisfaction across the Country. We are enduring an ongoing cost of living crisis that is impacting household bills. While lots of our bills including petrol and diesel, food and many supplies are all seeing large price increases, the home energy crisis has endured for millions throughout the winter & inflation and energy costs are showing little sign of falling back again.

In these interesting times it’s never been more important to stay connected with each other.

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* How much is £37,000 million?

Just in case you may mistakenly believe that a few £ Billion here & there doesn’t really matter, let me put it in terms that are relatable; 1 million seconds = 12 days, but, 1 Billion seconds = 35 years. In other words, it is a huge amount of money, huge.


We rely on buying gas on world markets because, in an effort to hit self imposed unrealistic carbon neutral targets we have cut our own domestic production.

As recently as 2009 the UK produced enough gas to supply all our domestic requirements. Today we are at the mercy of international markets and the whims of Vladimir Putin.

Please read on through the “My Beliefs” section to learn more about me.

When the General Election comes, vote for Dave Holland & vote for a better future.


.... and you should be ANGRY too.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

Einstein had a point. If you keep voting for the same political parties, in the hope that they won't let you down next time then you shouldn't be surprised when they lie, ignore their manifesto and do indeed let you down time after time. It's time to be the difference, it's time to reform our public bodies, to make them fit for the modern age.

Many of our institutions have been in existence for centuries and are now out of date with our modern lives. Only 100 years ago we developed an aspirational middle class & our political systems haven't kept up with their needs and desires.

There is a growing disconnect as the public become increasingly disenfranchised with government.

We see our government taking care of everyone it seems except for us. We see pensions being cut, foreign aid going abroad, increasing taxes and a growing illegal immigration problem. Meanwhile we have homeless on our streets, many of which are ex-servicemen, inflation and the cost of living running out of control and our governments solution is more taxes.

We currently have no energy policy to speak of, the government just seem obsessed with net zero by 2050 with no strategy for keeping us warm at an affordable cost while we get there.

We have an NHS which isn't fit for purpose. Until we can collectively get past the priority of "free at the point of use" and instead focus on optimizing clinical outcomes nothing will change. The NHS has been deified, to criticise it is close to blasphemy. We need to reform our healthcare so we can actually have a service we can be proud of.

We can choose to make the UK a better, fairer, more compassionate Country that gives everyone the opportunities they need, not just to get by, but to thrive and succeed.


Drilling our own oil and gas is necessary for energy security. There is enough shale gas under our feet to provide aa secure supply of gas for decades. Modern extraction methods are much improved since the early days of fracking too meaning it presents less concerns and issues than it used to.

We need a stable, relaible energy supply while we build the renewable infrastructure that is not yet in place. Yes, we need a long term plan to reduce our carbon footprint, but cutting gas production before we have a viable alternative in place is economic suicide.

It won't be long before energy rationing is introduced to further impact your lives and our economy.



Maybe it's time to talk about some inconvenient truths. The long term failings that have led us to where we are as a Country today:

  1. Immigration

    We need to get a grip on protecting our porous borders. It is currently far too easy to smuggle immigrants, drugs and weapons into the UK. Border Force isn’t working, isn’t protecting us and needs radical reform to take control of who and what is entering the UK.

    Freedom of movement contains several inherent flaws. Due to other long terms flaws in our Pensions provision, we need a continually growing population. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, with more and more younger workers, paying NI to service the growing Pension requirements of an aging population. What if we had chosen to put NI contributions into personal savings plans? Instead of a weekly state pension of £180 the same NI contributions, saved over 45 years would deliver a weekly pension of £500+.

    This would negate the need to expand the population with anyone we could get.

    Uncontrolled immigration increases welfare costs in the short term with the need to house and feed new arrivals, but also keeps wages low through the ready supply of cheaper labour.

    Cheap labour has been the backbone of our economy for several decades, mostly from eastern European countries, who very often (and not through their own fault), suppress wages, putting our native workers out of work, while also sending much of their pay back to their families in their home Countries.

    This in turn leaves our lorry drivers, builders, decorators, etc. unemployed, while at the same time we don’t see the wages earned plowed back into our economy.

    Of course, in a growing economy, we need people to fill the skill shortages and to fulfil the jobs created, but we need to employ our own citizens first and foremost, ensuring that it is beneficial for them to work rather that exist on welfare and Universal Credit.

  2. Welfare

    Welfare was once upon a time a safety net, offering short term support if you lost your job, while you looked for another one. I don’t ever recall welfare being the lifestyle choice that it seems to have become.

    I would ask, how come when the unemployment rate falls that the welfare bill carries on rising? Either the number of ‘actual’ unemployed is not an accurate figure, or there are an increasing number of people being paid welfare.

    We need to reverse this unsustainable situation so welfare is an emergency safety net for those in need, not a lifestyle choice.

  3. Education

    Despite being told that our education system is world class, all evidence points to the contrary being closer to the truth.

    Many emerging economies have far superior education to our own and if we are to compete on the global stage we need to reform how we teach the next generation. We need to teach them HOW to think, not WHAT to think. Our children will work out what to think for themselves if we give them the skills they need to do so.

    Life is a competition, children need to understand this. They will have to compete for a job, a partner, in sport, in life. Competition is what drives us to improve what we do and how we do it. Without competition there is no drive to self improvement, to learning, to betterment.

    Getting a certificate for taking part needs to end. Someone wins, someone loses, whether you teach people how to deal with both outcomes makes no difference to the fact that someone will still win and someone will still lose. We do no favours by failing to teach the next generation how to deal with adversity.

    Even the most successful sports men and women lose more than they win. It is a fact of life and we need to teach all children how to fail, and how to learn from each failure.

  4. Healthcare

    Many people in the UK are of the belief that our NHS provides world class healthcare. Sadly this is not the case. We actually rank well down the national lists in terms of treatment outcomes.

    I believe in free at the point of use healthcare. It is important that every citizen should be able to access the healthcare they need regardless of their ability to pay for it at that point in time. This doesn’t however make it free healthcare. The NHS is in truth a quite expensive way of delivering quite average healthcare with below average recovery rates.

    I believe that we have highly skilled and dedicated health workers, Doctors, Nurses and providers who are totally committed to doing their very best for patients, but the system in which they work is not delivering for patients.

    The wasted spend within the NHS is huge, PFI used extensively during the last Labour administration to hide Government spending means that we are in essence paying £ Billions for hospitals that would have cost £1 B or less each if the Government had just borrowed the build cost instead.

    Every year NHS budgets increase, but the amount of patient beds decreases. During Covid19 bed capacity was reduced, not increased as you might have expected.

    In 1987/88 NHS bed capacity was 299,000, by 2019/20 NHS bed capacity had dropped to 141,000. In 1988 the population was 56.8 million compared with 68.4 million in 2021.

    So in short, we have halved our bed capacity while the population has increased by over 11 million people.

    More people require more beds if you want to stop the NHS having a winter crisis every year. Less money spent on ‘diversity managers’ and more on front facing care would be a good start.

    Our NHS needs to be protected, but reformed. We need less administration staff and more Doctors and Nurses. We need to end waiting lists, we need more beds, more scanners, more cost effective care.

    We need GPs to go back to work and see their patients face to face. Currently they are paid for each patient on their register. Instead, they should be paid for each face to face consultation they perform. They have been the roadblock standing between patients and treatments during Covid and this needs to end.

  5. Law & Order

    Our current softly, softly, policing by consent ‘Police Service’ isn’t working. As soon as Police lose the respect of the public it becomes harder to enforce law and order.

    Our Police Force needs to start protecting the human rights of victims, rather than those of the criminals. If you commit a crime, you should be deemed to have waived some of your human rights. That should be your personal contract with your Country.

    Recently our Police have enabled motorway protestors, asking if they can ‘help to make them comfortable’ while they break the law by blocking the highway.

    It is an almost laughable, ridiculous situation in which we find ourselves.

    Different groups are policed differently depending on how closely aligned they are with our Police service political ideals.

    The Police are supposed to enforce the law without fear or favour. If the Police don’t look impartial, then they are not doing their jobs properly.

    We have all seen BLM & extinction rebellion activists being treated with kid gloves & kneeling officers  while they damage property, statues and monuments. At the same time other groups doing no damage are met with Police in full riot gear & tear gas.

    We all have a right to peaceful protest, to march, to object to injustice. We should all be treated equally.

    Our security services are currently monitoring over 40,000 terror threat individuals residing in the UK. An almost impossible task if you have an unlimited budget. We do not have an unlimited budget.

    My first question is how are these 40,000 individuals feeding and housing themselves? Are we housing them? Are we paying them Universal Credit? Why are we doing that?

    We have long welcomed immigrants to our shores. The majority are peaceful and law abiding citizens, but too many wish to do us harm. We have seen a massive increase in rapes, murders & grooming gangs by immigrants and the causes of these attacks have not been addressed. We seem to have a policy of tolerance for the sake of ‘diversity’. It looks like our authorities are too often turning a blind eye so as to avoid being accused of discrimination. This must end.

    As uncomfortable as it is to talk about, shutting down debate is not the solution. If we are going to make multiculturalism work then we need a fresh approach.

    We have failed to integrate ethnic minorities into our comunities. The majority live together in enclaves within our cities, with their own beliefs, cultures and even Sharia Councils enforcing their religeous laws. How can this be beneficial for our Country?


    Visible Policing used to work. We used to have Police Officers who knew their local residents. Today you consider yourself lucky if you can get a crime number from your local Police so you can claim on your insurance. That is not policing. That is enabling & tolerating crime.

    Courts & Sentencing

    Our parole system doesn’t work. Currently criminals only serve half of whatever sentence they are given. This allows courts to look tough while being lenient on criminals. We release criminals as early as possible to free up limited space available in our prisons.

    Maybe, a better system would be to reward prisoners with earlier release in exchange for gaining qualifications while in prison? This would give them the opportunity to get a legitimate job on release. Then, if they were to subsequently reoffend, their sentence would be automatically doubled, providing a significant deterrent while also providing the qualifications and skills they need to live a crime free life and to contribute to society.

    In the short term we will need more prison capacity, but in the longer term we believe more people will contribute to society in a positive way and crime will reduce.

    Many criminals become criminals because they didn’t get the opportunities they needed not to turn to crime. For some, crime is a necessity to earn money, pay their bills, to feed themselves. Is that totally their fault, or should society shoulder some of the responsibility?

    If our education system was better we would maybe be better at giving all our youngsters skillsets that not only suit them, but that society needs too.


You have a choice; you can stand on the sidelines & moan about everything that is wrong with the Country & the dire state of current politics, or, you can get involved and help us to make the changes we all need....