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Davos 22 – World Economic Forum Annual Pow Wow

I do not believe that any good can come from big business and political leaders colluding behind closed doors. If those closed doors are guarded by their own private armed police force who are detaining journalists it looks even more sinister.

The great and the good will all be at home next week while many of the worlds leaders, industrial billionaires, megalomaniacs, sociopaths, borderline psychopaths, autocrats and ‘philanthropists’ fly in their private jets to Davos in Switzerland for their latest “how to save the world” strategy meeting. For all we know this might just be a good opportunity to deposit some cash in a numbered bank account, but it looks a lot more sinister than that.

I fail to understand why all of these people are in thrall to Klaus Schwab, for 50 years the architect of the WEF and what is fast becoming his version of our future “The Great Reset”.

So we have world leaders, heads of Governments, heads of corporations, investment institutions, et al, coming together beneath the umbrella of an unelected organisation run by a man who is only a hop skip and a jump away from stroking a white cat while telling us what our future looks like.

If our world leaders need to gather to reshape the world why isn’t this happening under the G7, G8, G20 or even maybe as the G200? These meetings occur on a regular basis between our elected representatives. Why the need for the WEF run by what I can only describe as a semi insane despot.

The WEF has infiltrated governments globally, Macron, Trudeau, Merkel, Blair & Johnson are all previous WEF Future Global Leaders. This infiltration has been 50 years in the making. Prince Charles is on board, as is Prince William. It makes you wonder if this was why they were recently booed? The Royal family should not get involved with politics.

I am a royalist, I love and respect our Queen and everything she has done for Great Britain and the Commonwealth during her long and distinguished reign, but I suspect the days of the Monarchy will be numbered when Prince Charles takes over. Maybe Charles isn’t a lucky name for the British Monarchy?

Our Days are Numbered?

Having openly discussed the necessity to reduce the world population from 7.9 billion to 1 billion. Dennis Meadows – author of Limits to Growth & member of ‘The Club of Rome’ earnestly hopes that this can be completed peacefully.

If you’ve had a good life, please kill yourself now for the sake of the children


Plotting Our Future

The chosen attendees, will spend four days planning the future for mankind (can I still say that?) & working out how to implement their plans. If you haven’t read Klaus Schwabs book “The Great Reset”you really ought to, as it provides an interesting window into your future and the stepping stones they will use to get us there.

Or, you can jump straight to George Orwell’s 1984 to find out how it ends.

Digital passports, social credit scoring, digital money, mandatory vaccines & population reduction & control, it’s all in there. Right through to Universal Basic Income. By which point, you won’t own anything, you won’t owe anything, and you will have a basic income credited into your digital wallet (as long of course as you conduct yourself in line with their expectations). Apparently you will be happy.

Once cash has been expunged from society people can easily be controlled. This is already happening in China. People ‘earn’ points for good behaviour and lose points for unsavoury behaviour.

These were all conspiracy theories just a few years ago. When conspiracy theories become facts it is time to start questioning the actions of our ‘leaders’.

Imagine if you will going out for a drink on a Friday evening. You get a little carried away (as we have all done at some point I am sure) and consume a little more than might be considered acceptable (Your monthly alcohol ‘Units’ allowance for example). The next day you receive a message saying that you have consumed your alcohol allowance for the month and your digital wallet will not permit payment for alcohol until next month.

Now imagine the same thing for your carbon footprint, or calories consumed or saying something against the authorities. The Government or departments within it will have the power to prevent you travelling, socialising, working, shopping, almost anything that they deem necessary.

Quite how the transition will work on the ground is anyones guess. If you live in a large home, worth say £1.5 million but with a large mortgage, will they wipe your debt and leave you in the property? Or will we all be moved into small identical pods in the name of equality?

Even this process has no means of being fair to all. Will we lose all our assets? Everything that we have worked for? Ican’t see how this transition will actually occur.

The Great Reset

Is the Great Reset an actual thing? Is it already happening? Or is it just an unworkable idea, thrown out into the public domain for some ill conceived reason?

Klaus Schwab’s book “The Great Reset”, details how we will own nothing but be happy. I don’t know about you, but if you take away everything I have spent my life striving for, the one thing I can guarantee is that I will not be happy about it.

So, The Great Reset is definitely a thing. Whether it’s being quietly implemented is a different question.
The principles of the great reset seem so far fetched as to be impossible to imagine. Is this a case of hiding in plain sight, a double bluff if you will? They can always claim that they told us exactly what was going to happen & that nothing was hidden.

The first step would be to cede our freedoms and liberty to our Government. Every freedom lost or invasion of our privacy is a step in that direction.

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I have included some Russell Brand videos on the subject, not because I am a Russell Brand fan as such, but because he has already done all the leg work editing much of the footage together and presenting the pertinent points reasonably effectively….

[rve src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/1i5Jdk4Zh9E” ratio=”16by9″]


[rve src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/qLBsSpeTU1A” ratio=”16by9″]


[rve src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/fjGYsner6oI” ratio=”16by9″]


My general starting position in most instances is to question what I am being told. This has stood me in good stead over the years. All that is necessary is to ask who is the beneficiary of any given outcome? We need more people to employ critical thinking instead of blindly trusting our authorities. Maybe I am wrong and we have nothing to fear, but, my sixth sense is rarely wrong and I feel quite uncomfortable about the direction we are heading in.

Not everyone who says they are working in your best interests is actually doing so. I suspect that not one of those Davos attendees expects to be on the cull list (if such a thing exists?). I suspect that all of those world leaders, businessmen, chemists, scientists, computer salesmen, members of the Royal family etc. expect to maintain their positions in society, regardless of what happens to the little people.

Them v Us

There has never been a bigger divide between them and us. Only today figures from the Sunday Times Rich List were released, revealing that the number of UK billionaires has increased to 177 in 2021. Collectively worth £50b more than the year before. Wealth is being consolidated in the hands of the few while the many struggle to pay their basic bills. I’m not saying this to be all ‘commie’, but to demonstrate the growing divide between them and us.

There is nothing wrong with success, but if the system allows for a few people to consolidate wealth at the expense of the masses who have seen stagnating wage growth for several decades, then something needs to change.

This isn’t the fault of capitalism, this isn’t even the fault of many of the billionaires themselves, they are just the result of an economic system designed to reward big business at the expense of the man in the street.

It looks increasingly like the pandemic lockdowns have been an opportunity for the haves to have some more while us, the have nots have even less to try to survive on. I’m not sure that they, the haves, understand that this is not sustainable.

While the WEF saw Covid as an opportunity to redesign capitalism, it was also an opportunity to grow the wealth of the wealthy.


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